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Top TV Shows Of The 1980s

80's TV Shows From Happy Days To Hunter

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Happy Days - This highly successful 80's TV show is set in late 1950s Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The series chronicles the lives of the Cunninghams, a typical 50's mid-west family.
Hard Time On Planet Earth - The 1989 TV show Hard Time On Planet Earth starred Martin Kove as Jessie. He is an alien criminal sentenced to serve out his time on the unimportant planet Earth.

Hardcastle and McCormick

Hart to Hart - The 80's TV show Hart to Hart chronicles the adventures of amature detectives in the series Jonathan Hart (Robert Wagner), the CEO of the worldwide corporation Hart Industries, and his wife Jennifer (Stefanie Powers), a freelance journalist.
Head of the Class - This popular 80's TV show sitcom foucuses on the brainy students and their teacher in the Individualized Honors Program at a Manhattan High School.
Highway To Heaven - This 80's TV show features Jonathan Smith, an angel sent back to Earth to help people. Early in the series Jonathan meets ex-cop Mark Gordon who becomes his assitant, after being helped by the angel himself.
Hill Street Blues - The groundbreaking 80's TV show Hill Street Blues is a drama series about an overworked, under-manned police precinct in an unknown inner city resembling Chicago.
Hogan Family, The - The name of this 80's family sitcom TV show was changed from Valerie's Family to The Hogan Family after Valerie Harper left the cast.
Hotel - The setting for this 80's TV show is the luxurious St. Gregory Hotel in San Francisco. Famous guest stars would come to the hotel and become involved in romatic plots.
House Calls - Workplace romances can create conflicts, as hospital employees Charley Michaels and Ann Anderson learned in this 80's TV show.
Hunter - In this 80's police drama TV show, Fred Dryer stars as Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter, a homocide investigator for the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Quantum Leap - During the Quantum Leap series, Beckett meets many future famous people during his trips to the past, including: Buddy Holly, Michael Jackson, Marilyn... Quantum Leap TV Show

80s TV Television Shows
Airwolf - While filming an episode of Airwolf, Reid Rondell, Jan Michael Vincent's stunt man, was killed in a helicopter crash.... Airwolf TV Show

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