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Top TV Shows Of The 1980s

80's TV Shows From Tanner 88 To TVs Bloopers and Practical Jokes

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Tanner 88 - This 80's political satire TV show was created by Director Robert Altman and cartoonist G.B. Trudeau. The show follows the campaign of a Democratic presidential candidate Jack Tanner.
Taxi - This 80's TV show sitcom focused on the lives of a group of New York City taxi drivers. The series follows the lives of the cabbies as they work part-time while trying to make it in other careers.
Thats Incredible - This 80's TV show followed the reality television craze of the early 80's. The show was co-hosted by John Davidson, Fran Tarkenton and Cathy Lee Crosby.


Threes Company - In this 80's TV sitcom Janet and Chrissy recruit Jack Tripper as a roommate to share the rent on their Santa Monica apartment. Jack pretends he is gay to keep the apartments's landlord off their backs.
Too Close for Comfort - This 80's TV show sitcom featured the characters Henry Rush, an illustrator who created the kid's cartoon "Cosmic Cow", his wife Muriel, a photographer and their two daughters Jackie and Sara.
Tour Of Duty - This 80's TV show was the first television drama series about the Vietnam War. Tour of Duty chronicles the lives of a platoon of U.S. soldiers through their one-year tour.
Trapper John, MD - This 80's TV series featured the character of Trapper John from the TV show MASH as the Chief of Surgery at San Franscico Memorial Hospital. The show dealt with many different medical related stories of the time.
TVs Bloopers and Practical Jokes - This 80's TV show was hosted by Dick Clark and Ed McMahon, and included celebrity bloopers, practical jokes, and some classic commercials.

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80s TV Television Shows
Murder, She Wrote - A short-lived spin-off of Murder She Wrote, The Law & Harry McGraw, aired on CBS in 1987.... Murder, She Wrote TV Show

80s TV Television Shows
Fame - When Fame was cancelled by NBC, the show ran in syndication for several more years. The show Fame was supposed to take place in New York City. The ... Fame TV Show

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