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John Cougar Mellencamp Artist Bio and Lyrics

The American 80's artist John Cougar Mellencamp was born on the 7th of October 1951 in Seymour, Indiana. Throughout the decade, he had a string of hits that included such well known ditties as “Jack and Diane” and “Pink Houses.”

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John Cougar MellencampLyrics Ain't Even Done With The Night
Lyrics Jack And Diane
Lyrics Hurts So Good
Lyrics Pink Houses
Lyrics Lonely Ol' Night
Lyrics Small Town

Mellencamp began the 1980s with the release of the album Nothin’ Matters and What If It Did. This album boasted the singles “Ain’t Even Done With The Night” and “This Time.” But it would take another two years for Mellencamp to record and release his breakthrough album, American Fool. It featured the well known singles “Jack and Diane” and “Hurts So Good,” which helped the album make it to the top of the charts. A third single, “Hand to Hold On To,” made it to the Top 20.

Mellencamp followed the success of American Fool up with another great album called Uh Huh. Uh Huh was another hit on the Top Ten in the United States and spawned numerous singles, including “Crumblin’ Down” and “Pink Houses.” Despite his commercial success, Mellencamp has always been more popular with fans than with critics.

The albums of John Cougar Mellencamp include Chestnut Street Incident, The Kid Inside, A Biography, John Cougar, Nothin’ Matters and What If It Did, American Fool, Uh Huh, Scarecrow, The Lonesome Jubilee, Big Daddy, Whenever We Wanted, Human Wheels, Dance Naked, Mr. Happy Go Lucky, The Best That I Could Do, John Mellencamp, Rough Harvest, Cuttin’ Heads, Trouble No More, Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits, and Freedom’s Road.

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