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Kool and the Gang Artist Bio and Lyrics

Formed in Jersey City, New Jersey, Kool & the Gang would be a considerably successful R&B;, Hip-Hop band throughout the 1980s. Their style would extend in part through Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk and R&B; and had a time where they produced a stream of Disco.

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Kool and the GangLyrics Ladies Night
Lyrics Too Hot
Lyrics Celebration
Lyrics Get Down On It
Lyrics Take My Heart You Can Have It If You Want It
Lyrics Joanna
Lyrics Tonight
Lyrics Cherish
Lyrics Misled
Lyrics Fresh
Lyrics Victory

The main members of Kool & the Gang included such vast instruments as Bass, Guitar, Tenor Saxophone, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and Trombones. In 1964 they released their debut, Eponymous Album. The album yielded no major hits, but would gain them some respect in the R&B; community.

Several years later, in 1973, Kool & the Gang would release Wild and Peaceful which would be the gateway to their mainstream success. It would contain the singles, “Jungle Boogie,” and “Hollywood Swinging.” Soon after, the band would abandon their funky roots and attempt a disco style.

Throughout the late 1970s and 1980s Kool & the Gang would have several international hits. Their album Celebrate! contained their only number one hit, “Celebrate.” They would also hit big with songs like “Big Fun,” “Get Down On It,” and “Joanna.” They had little success toward the mid-1980s, but are still one of the most sampled artists of all time.

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