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Quiet Riot Artist Bio and Lyrics

Quiet Riot is often credited as a major part in launching the 1980s Glam Metal scene. They also founded an iconic mascot depicting a man in a straight jacket. The man donned a metal face mask and would appear on the cover of almost every Quiet Riot album. Randy Rhoads founded the band in 1975, drafting the original lineup, Kevin DuBrow (vocals), Kelly Garni (bass), Drew Forsynth (drums).

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Quiet RiotLyrics Cum On Feel The Noize

Quiet Riot’s debut album, Quiet Riot 1, was released in Japan in 1978. However, months later Garni would leave the band and be replaced by Rudy Sarzo and they would release their second album, the aptly named, Quiet Riot II. The album failed in the US but was released in Japan in 1979.

The lack of major success led Randy Rhodes to take the advice of a friend and leave Quiet Riot in 1979 to join Ozzy Osborne’s band. In response to this DuBrow tried to hold the band together and for two or three years their names was changed to DuBrow. After the death of Rhodes on March 19, 1982, he tried to revive Quiet Riot. None of the originals were interested so DuBrow drafted a new lineup. Rudy Sarzo would return, Carlos Cavazo and Frankie Benali would make up the rest of the band.

In 1982 Quiet Riot finally signed to CBS Records in America. They released their American debut, Metal Health in 1983. Several months later they’d release their most memorable hit, “Cum on Feel the Noise.” The single would ride along number five on the billboard in America. They became the first metal band to have an album reach number 1 and a single make it into the pop charts. Their follow-up, Condition Critical would prove a disaster. Sarzo would requite the band and they would release another disaster, Quiet Riot III.

Quiet Riot would have several unsuccessful tours and officially break up in 2003. They would reunite two years later for the Rock Never Stops tour featuring such bands as Cinderella and Ratt.

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