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.38 Special Artist Bio and Lyrics

The 80's southern rock band 38 Special was formed by singer Donnie Van Zant (brother of Lynrd Skynrd frontman Ronnie)in Jacksonville, Florida in 1975. Thirty Eight Special initially had a straight ahead southern rock sound, much like the band of Donnieís brother, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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.38 SpecialLyrics Caught Up In You
Lyrics Second Chance
Lyrics Hold On Loosely

During the early 1980s, the band 38 Special began to combine elements of blues and arena rock into their southern rock sound. This unique musical combination led to a string of hit song singles throughout the decade of the 80's.

The band .38 Special's best-known songs are the #1 billboard hits "Caught Up in You" released in 1982, "If I'd Been the One" released in 1983 and 1989's "Second Chance." "Hold On Loosely" in 1981 and "Back Where You Belong" from 1984 were both pop rock radio hits for the band.

In the year 2006, Thirty Eight Special was voted the 3rd best Southern Rock Band of All Time by the listeners of Birmingham based radio station 105.3 FM, right behind The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Thirty Eight Specialís current line up consists of Van Zant, singer Don Barnes, Danny Chauncey, Larry Junstrom, Bobby Capps, and Gary Moffatt on drums.

The albums of Thirty Eight Special include .38 Special, Special Delivery, Wild Eyed & Live, Rockiní Into the Night, Wild Eyed Southern Boys, Special Forces, Tour de Force, Strength in Numbers, Flackback: The Best of .38 Special, Rock and Roll Strategy, Bone Against Steel, Resolution, Live at Sturgis, 20th Century Masters Ė the Millennium Collection: The Best of 38 Special, Anthology, A Wild Eyed Christmas Night, The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988), and 2004ís Drivetrain.

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