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White Lion Artist Bio and Lyrics

The ‘80s glam rock band White Lion was started in the year 1983 in New York City by guitarist Vito Bratta and Danish singer Mike Tramp, who had just moved to the city the year before. The two eventually recruited bass player Felix Robinson, who had previously been in the band Angel, as well as drummer Nicki Capozzi. And voila, White Lion was formed.

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The band’s debut album, Fight to Survive, was released, and White Lion experienced numerous line up changes during this period. It was not until the year 1987, when the band was signed to Atlantic Records and their second album Pride was released, that the band began receiving serious attention. The album’s first single, “Wait,” was released on the first of June that year, but would not get popular until nearly seven months later. White Lion scored an opening slot on a tour for Frehley’s Comet, Ace Frehley’s band from the 1980s. The band would tour continuously for the next two years, opening for such acts as Aerosmith, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, and Stryper.

Big Game, the group’s third album, was released in the year 1989. It featured such popular singles as “Little Fighter,” “Radar Love,” and “Cry for Freedom.” The album went gold, but none of its singles managed to do well.

The albums of White Lion include Fight to Survive, Pride, Big Game, Mane Attraction, The Best of White Lion, Remembering White Lion: Greatest Hits, Rocking the USA, Anthology 83-89, and The Definitive Rock Collection.

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