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Casualties of War Movie

Movie Review for Casualties of War


This 80´s movie caused a lot of controversy after its premiere. It is a strong, graphic work that clearly depicts the savagery that war can lead to and the fact that innocents caught in the middle of it are many times considered just “Casualties of War”.

Casualties of War DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Casualties of War was released on December 11, 2001 by Sony Pictures and is rated R.


During the Vietnam War the leader of a small squad, Sgt. Tony Meserve (Penn), stops at a local village and kidnaps an innocent Vietnamese girl to use her as a sexual slave. The new man on the squad, PFC. Eriksson (Fox) objects at this severely, creating conflict within the squadron.

The movie Casualties of War takes a look as how normal moral behavior is severely altered during war times and all the traumatic events this may imply. It shows how soldiers –expected to follow their orders to the word and have strong ethical guidelines- can become barbaric savages under war up to the brink of madness.

The struggle between the almost psychotic Sgt. Meserve (Penn) and the still-a-rookie PFC. Eriksson (Fox) depicts the confrontation between morality and savageness. “Casualties of War” takes an impressive look as how superiors on the military forces know about these type of situations yet prefer to ignore them for several reasons.



The bridge scene in the movie Casualties of War was filmed in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. This was the same location where the famous “Bridge Over the River Kwai” is located.

Stephen Baldwin was originally cast as ‘Hatcher’ for the film Casualties of War. Yet during the filmmaking director Bryan De Palma was not impressed by Baldwin’s work and actually fired him.

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80's Film Facts:

The Movie Casualties of War was released to theatres on 08/18/1989 by Columbia, and grossed $18,468,714 at the box office in the US.

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