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Foxes Movie

Movie Review for Foxes


An 80’s movie drama about the trials and tribulations of teenage life in San Fernando Valley. Four girls are faced with teenaged problems.

Foxes DVD

DVD Release

The DVD for the movie Foxes was released on August 5, 2003 by MGM Video & DVD and is rated R.


Jeanie, Annie, Madge, and Deirdre, are teenagers who all deal with drugs, weight, and relationship issues in the movie Foxes.

Jeanie is the most level-headed one in the group and, although she has her own issues to deal with at home, she tries to keep the girls sane in the movie Foxes.


Jeanie - Jodie Foster
Annie - Cherie Currie
Madge - Marilyn Kagan
Deirdre - Kandice Stroh
Brad - Scott Baio
Mary - Sally Kellerman
Jay - Randy Quaid
Mrs. Axman - Lois Smith
Bryan - Adam Faith
Loser - Sloan Roberts
Sissie - Jill Barrie Bogart
Frank - Wayne Storm
Gladys - Mary Margaret Lewis
Greg - Grant Wilson
Bobby - Fredric Lehne


The original title for the movie Foxes was supposed to be “20th Century Foxes,” but the name was changed to avoid being sued by the movie studio of the same name.

Kristy McNichol was originally considered to play the role of “Annie” in the movie Foxes.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Foxes was released to theatres on 02/29/1980 by MGM/UA, and grossed $7,470,348 at the box office in the US.

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