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Look Whos Talking Movie

Movie Review for Look Whos Talking


He has the wisdom and the wit to get his mother what she wants. That is, if she understands his 3 month old baby language in this 80s movie. A baby talks while his mother searches for a father figure for him.

Look Whos Talking DVD


Kirstie Alley plays Mollie, a woman who found herself pregnant for a married man James (played by John Travolta) in the movie Look Who’s Talking.

Mollie’s newborn Mikey (voice of Bruce Willis) has been talking since he was in the womb but his mother is not aware of this. Mikey, realizing that his father has no interest in his mother as a life long partner, is adamant about his mother selecting the right dad to be his step daddy. It all comes together in the comedic Look Who’s Talking.


James Ubriacco - John Travolta
Mollie - Kirstie Alley
Rosie - Olympia Dukakis
George Segal .... Albert - George Segal
Grandpa - Abe Vigoda
Mikey (voice) - Bruce Willis
Rona - Twink Caplan
Mikey - Jason Schaller
Mikey - Jaryd Waterhouse
Mikey - Jacob Haines
Mikey - Christopher Aydon
Melissa - Joy Boushel
Dr. Fleisher - Don S. Davis
Lou - Louis Heckerling
Secretary - Brenda Crichlow


The movie Look Who’s Talking has received four awards.

The director of the film Look Who’s Talking was inspired to write the script after her husband started talking in different voices to their then unborn baby.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Look Whos Talking was released to theatres on 10/13/1989 by Sony, and grossed $140,088,813 at the box office in the US.

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