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Sea of Love Movie

80's Movie Facts for Sea of Love


A man gets caught up in a conflict of interest that can either save or cost him his life in this 80s movie. Detective on a case falls in love with main suspect.

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When a murder is discovered and tied to serial killings, Detective Frank Keller (played by Al Pacino) is called in to investigate the case in the movie Sea of Love.

Keller finds himself falling in love with the case’s prime suspect, Helen Cruger (played by Ellen Barkin), and it gets harder to carry out his job in the movie Sea of Love.


Det. Frank Keller - Al Pacino
Helen Cruger - Ellen Barkin
Det. Sherman - John Goodman
Terry - Michael Rooker
Frank Keller Sr. - William Hickey
Gruber - Richard Jenkins
Serafino - Paul Calderon
Struk - Gene Canfield
Dargan - Larry Joshua
Lieutenant - John Spencer
Gina Gallagher/Lonelyheart - Christine Estabrook
Miss Allen - Barbara Baxley
Older Woman - Patricia Barry
Murdered Man - Mark Phelan
Raymond Brown - Michael O'Neill


Dustin Hoffman was the writer’s first choice to play Frank Keller in the movie Sea of Love but since Hoffman requested too many rewrites, Al Pacino was hired.

Sea of Love was nominated for two awards.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Sea of Love was released to theatres on 09/15/1989 by Universal, and grossed $58,571,513 at the box office in the US.

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