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Uncle Buck Movie

80s Film Summary for Uncle Buck


This 80’s movie, directed by the renowned John Hughes, is about how a house wrecker can learn to be responsible.

Uncle Buck DVD


Uncle Buck has never been trustworthy. Nevertheless, he is called by his brother and sister in law for taking care of their children. Why? Because there isn’t anyone else available.

That’s how Uncle Buck will find himself responsible of a household full of children. At first, he will continue with his usual lifestyle as a bachelor. However, as events occur, he will start to learn one or two things about responsibility.


Buck Russell - John Candy
Tia Russell - Jean Louisa Kelly
Maizy Russell - Gaby Hoffmann
Miles Russell - Macaulay Culkin
Chanice Kobolowski - Amy Madigan


Almost all the set of Uncle Buck is built inside a two story, high school gymnasium.

It was in Uncle Buck that John Hughes first though about doing “Home Alone”.

Academy Awards:

80's Film Facts:

The Movie Uncle Buck was released to theatres on 08/16/1989 by Universal, and grossed $66,758,538 at the box office in the US.

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