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21 Jump Street TV Show

TV Series Summary for 21 Jump Street

Television Show Summary

21 Jump Street is the headquarters for a team of undercover police officers who investigate situations involving young students. Jump Street cops are selected for their youthful appearance, allowing them to blend in with high school and college students.

21 Jump Street DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for 21 Jump Street Series

03/21/2006 - Season 5

TV Show Plot For 21 Jump Street

On the TV show 21 Jump Street, the members of the undercover team infilitrated various high schools to investigate alleged crimes.

21 Jump Street TV show characters included: Undercover police officers Tom Hanson (Johnny Depp), Doug Penall (Peter DeLuise), Harry Ioki (Dustin Nguyen) and Judy Hoffs (Holly Robinson); and the commanding officer Captain Fuller.

103 episodes of the series 21 Jump Street aired on FOX from 1987 to 1991.

Cast of 21 Jump Street TV Show

Peter DeLuise - Officer Doug Penhall
Johnny Depp - Officer Tom Hanson
Michael DeLuise - Officer Joey Penhall
Richard Greico - Played Dennis Booker
Dustin Nguyen - Officer Harry H.T. Ioki
Holly Robinson-Peete - Detective Judy Hoffs
Michael Bendetti - Officer Anthony

Trivia for the TV Show 21 Jump Street

Holly Robinson-Peete, who plays Detective Judy Hoffs on the show, sings the 21 Jump Street theme song. Johnny Depp and Peter Deluise sang the backup vocals on the song.

21 Jump Street was one of the first series to run on the Fox network.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show 21 Jump Street was televised from 04/12/1987 to 04/27/1991, on the FOX network.

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