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227 TV Show

80's TV Show Facts for 227

Television Show Summary

This 80's sitcom TV show starred Marla Gibbs as Mary Jenkins, a housewife who lived with her contractor husband, Lester and their 14-year-old daughter Brenda in apartment 227.

227 DVD

TV Show Plot For 227

The episodes of 227 took place in and around the apartment building. Scenes were acted out on the front steps, the laundry room and individual apartments.

The show 227 survived early comparisons to the Cosby Show, and became a ratings success in it's very first season. The series stressed a working-class image with strong community and family values.

The 227 character Mary was played by Marla Gibbs (Florence from The Jeffersons). She was a mother of one struggling to meet all of her many responsibilities. The father Lester was played by Hal Williams, and was a small-time contractor. The two had an adolescent daughter named Brenda.

Other 227 series characters included: Rose Hollaway, Mary's friend played by Alaina Reed; Rose was the building 227 landlady, and took part in many of the front steps scenes; Sandra Clark, played by Jackee, became one of 227's most famous characters; Rose's daughter was named Tiffany; Pearl Shay, the Jenkin's next door neighbor, and her grandson Calvin Dobbs.

NBC broadcast a total of 227 episodes of 227 over it's five year run.

Cast of 227 TV Show

Mary Jenkins - Marla Gibbs
Lester Jenkins - Hal Williams
Rose Lee Holloway - Alaina Reed-Hall
Sandra Clark - Jackee (Harry)
Brenda Jenkins - Regina King
Tiffany Holloway - Kia Goodwin
Pearl Shay - Helen Martin
Calvin Dobbs - Curtis Baldwin
Alexandria DeWitt - Countess Vaughn
Eva Rawley - Toukie A. Smith
Julian C. Barlow - Paul Winfield
Dylan McMillan - Barry Sobel
Travis Filmore - Stoney Jackson
Warren Merriwether - Kevin Peter Hall

Trivia for the TV Show 227

The TV show 227 was based on a play of the same title by Christine Houston.

Top 20 Ratings Info for 227 Series

1985-86 - 1st Season - Ranked #20
1986-87 - 2nd Season - Ranked #14

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show 227 was televised from 09/14/1985 to 07/28/1990, on the NBC network.

227 TV Show Emmy Awards:

Jackee Harry won best Supporting Actress, Comedy in 1986-87.

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