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60 Minutes TV Show

Television Show Summary for 60 Minutes

Television Show Summary

The TV show 60 Minutes is an investigative television news series, which has run on the CBS network since 1968. They ran several controversial stories during the 80's.

60 Minutes DVD

TV Show Plot For 60 Minutes

The 60 Minutes TV show is one of the most successful television series of all time, having finished #1 in the Neilson ratings five times. However, the show has also been called into question on several controversial stories.

In 1982 60 Minutes ran the story "The Uncounted Enemy, a Vietnam Deception". In the story Mike Wallace reported that Westmoreland withheld information on the Vietnam War from policy-makers in Washington. Westmoreland called the report a 'preposterous hoax,' and sued CBS for libel. TV Guide later issued a report called 'Anatomy of a Smear,' which uncovered problems with the 60 Minutes story, documenting that they ignored contrary evidence, and edited video to change the questions Westmoreland is asked. CBS settled the Westmoreland case by issuing a retraction and an apology.

In 1986 60 Minutes ran a story about the German made Audi 5000 car. The story reported on several incidents where people were killed when the Audi accelerated unexpectedly while parked. 60 Minutes, unable to make their test car do this, hired an outside consultant to modify the car's transmission to duplicate the problems.

Audi sales plummeted in the US as a result of the 60 Minutes piece. Later, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Transport Canada ruled that the accidents were attributable to operator error, when car owners pressed the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. CBS issued a partial retraction, without acknowledging the test results of the two government agencies.

Cast of 60 Minutes TV Show

Morley Safer (1970–present)
Ed Bradley (1981–present)
Steve Kroft (1989–present)
Lesley Stahl (1991–present)
Bob Simon (1996–present)
Scott Pelley (2003–present)
Lara Logan (2005–present)
Katie Couric (2006-present)
Anderson Cooper (2006-present)
Mike Wallace (1968–2006)
Harry Reasoner (1968–1970, 1978–1991)
Christiane Amanpour (1996-2005)
Dan Rather (1975–1981, 2005–2006)
Diane Sawyer (1984–1989)
Meredith Vieira (1989–1991)
Andy Rooney (1978 - present)

Trivia for the TV Show 60 Minutes

The 60 minutes series is the only Television show in history to have no theme music, just the ticking of the stopwatch.

Top 20 Ratings Info for 60 Minutes Series

1980-81 - 13th Season - Ranked #3
1981-82 - 14th Season - Ranked #2
1982-83 - 15th Season - Ranked #1
1983-84 - 16th Season - Ranked #2
1984-85 - 17th Season - Ranked #4
1985-86 - 18th Season - Ranked #4
1986-87 - 19th Season - Ranked #6
1987-88 - 20th Season - Ranked #8
1988-89 - 21st Season - Ranked #5
1989-90 - 22nd Season - Ranked #7

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show 60 Minutes was televised from 09/24/1968 to Present, on the CBS network.

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