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Chicken Soup TV Show

TV Show Review for Chicken Soup

Television Show Summary

This short-lived 80's TV show featured Jackie Fischer, a middle-aged Jewish man, who falls in love with Maddie Peerce, an Irish Catholic woman.

Chicken Soup DVD

TV Show Plot For Chicken Soup

The TV show sitcomp Chicken Soup starred Jackie Mason and Lynn Redgrave as two middle-aged people in an interfaith relationship. The Jewish bachelor Jackie lived in the apartment next door to the Irish Catholic Maddie.

The series Chicken Soup was ABC's attempt to follow the formula of featuring stand-up comedians on network sitcoms. Roseanne and Cosby were successful 80's TV shows starring stand-ups. The show aired on Tuesday nights immediately following Roseanne.

ABC aired only eight episodes of Chicken Soup before cancelling the series in mid-season.

Cast of Chicken Soup TV Show

Jackie Mason - Jackie Fisher
Lynn Redgrave - Maddie Peerce
Alisan Porter - Molly Peerce
Brandon Maggart - Mike Donovan
Johnny Pinto - Donnie Peerce
Kathryn Erbe - Patricia Reece
Cathy Lind Hayes - Barbara Donovan

Trivia for the TV Show Chicken Soup

Each episode of Chicken Soup started with Jackie Mason standing on the apartment rooftop doing what was essentially his standup routine.

Top 20 Ratings Info for Chicken Soup Series

1989-90 - 1st Season - Ranked #14

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Chicken Soup was televised from 09/12/1989 to 11/07/1989, on the ABC network.

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