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Dallas TV Show

80's TV Show Facts for Dallas

Television Show Summary

Dallas was the popular, long-running 80's TV show/soap opera about the Ewing family. The Dallas Ewings in the series were a filthy rich family who made their money from Texas oil.

Dallas DVD

DVD Release Dates and Info for Dallas Series

01/24/2006 - Complete 4th Season
01/30/2007 - Complete 6th Season
02/12/2008 - Complete 8th Season
07/15/2008 - Complete 9th Season
07/31/2007 - Complete 7th Season DVD
08/01/2006 - Complete 5th Season

TV Show Plot For Dallas

Dallas began as a five part mini-series on CBS in 1978. The show then aired on CBS for a total of 14 seasons. The soap was broadcast across the globe and is considered the most successful American soap opera outside the US borders.

The Dallas TV series is best-known for the it's character J.R. Ewing (Larry Hagman), the greedy, scheming, oil magnate.

One of the most famous television show events ever happened at the end of the 1979-80 Dallas season, when an unknown intruder shot J.R. in the chest while he was working late at his office. "Who Shot J.R.?" was a phrase that captivated the world. Odds on the shooter's identity were calculated, and saw active wagering. Turned out it was Kristin, J.R.'s scorned sister-in-law and former romantic interest.

Cast of Dallas TV Show

Main Characters of Dallas:
Barbara Bel Geddes - Eleanor (Miss Ellie)Southworth Ewing Farlow (1978-1984, 1985-1990)
Jim Davis (I) - John Ross (Jock) Ewing, Sr. (1978-1981)
Lesley-Anne Down - Stephanie Rogers (1990)
Patrick Duffy - Bobby James Ewing (1978-1985, 1986-1991)
Kimberly Foster - Michelle Stevens Beaumont (1989-1991)
Linda Gray (I) - Sue Ellen Shepard Ewing Lockwood (1978-1989)
Larry Hagman - John Ross (J.R.) Ewing, Jr.
Susan Howard (I) - Donna Culver Krebbs Dowling (1979-1987)
Steve Kanaly - Raymond (Ray) Krebbs (1978-1988)
Howard Keel - Clayton Farlow (1981-1991)
George Kennedy - Carter McKay (1988-1991)
Ken Kercheval - Clifford (Cliff) Barnes
Sasha Mitchell (I) - James Richard Beaumont (1989-1991)
Cathy Podewell - Calpurnia Elizabeth (Cally) Harper Ewing
Priscilla Presley - Jenna Wade Krebbs (1983-1988)
Victoria Principal - Pamela Jean Barnes Haynes Ewing (1978-1987)
Dack Rambo - Jack Ewing (1985-1988)
Donna Reed - Eleanor (Miss Ellie) Southworth Ewing Farlow (1984-1985)
Barbara Stock - Elizabeth (Liz) Adams (1990-1991)
Charlene Tilton - Lucy Ewing Cooper (1978-1985, 1988-1990)
Sheree J. Wilson - April Stevens Ewing (1986-1991)

Trivia for the TV Show Dallas

Ironically, J.R. was only meant to be a supporting character when the show premiered. Bobby and Pam were meant to be the focus of Dallas. The popularity of the J.R. character took off and he became the focus of the series.

Creator David Jacobs originally created and pitched Knots Landing to CBS, but the network desired a more glamorous show. Jacobs therefore created Dallas. When Dallas became a huge hit, CBS turned to Jacobs to do another show, and Knots Landing was created as a spinoff of Dallas.

Dallas aired a total of 357 episodes over it 14 season run.

Top 20 Ratings Info for Dallas Series

1980-81 - 3rd Season - Ranked #1
1981-82 - 4th Season - Ranked #1
1982-83 - 5th Season - Ranked #2
1983-84 - 6th Season - Ranked #1
1984-85 - 7th Season - Ranked #2
1985-86 - 8th Season - Ranked #6
1986-87 - 9th Season - Ranked #11
1987-88 - 10th Season - Ranked #22

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Dallas was televised from 04/02/1978 to 05/03/1991, on the CBS network.

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