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Just The Ten Of Us TV Show

TV Series Summary for Just The Ten Of Us

Television Show Summary

This 80's TV show sitcom was a spin-off of the smash hit series Growing Pains. When teacher Coach Lubbock losses his job, he moves his family of ten to Eureka, California, where he becomes the coach at St Augustine's Academy.

Just The Ten Of Us DVD

TV Show Plot For Just The Ten Of Us

On the series Just The Ten Of Us, Coach Graham Lubbock takes a job coaching at an all boys catholic school. He was unaware that his five daughters would have to attend the all boys school.

The Lubbock family of ten included: Graham's wife, Elizabeth; J.R, who loves to terrorize his sisters; Sherrie, the smart book worm; and the babies of the family Harvey and Melissa; Marie, the oldest child; the scatter brained Cindy; Wendy, the flirtatious daughter; and Connie, the literary one.

Other Just The Ten Of Us characters included: Graham's boss, Father Hargis, the absent-minded head of the school; Sister Ethel, the old nun; Athlectic director Duane Johnson; and Gavin Doosler, who lusted after the Lubbock daughters.

A total of 47 episodes of the Growing Pains spin-off TV series Just The Ten Of Us aired on ABC from 1988 to 1990.

Cast of Just The Ten Of Us TV Show

Bill Kirchenbauer - Graham T. Lubbock
Deborah Harmon - Elizabeth Lubbock
Heather Langenkamp - Marie Lubbock
Jamie Luner - Cindy Lubbock
Brooke Theiss - Wendy Lubbock
JoAnn Willette - Connie Lubbock
Matt Shakman - Graham (J.R.) Lubbock Jr.
Heidi Ziegler - Sherry Lubbock
Jason Korstjens and Jeremy Korstjens - Harvey Lubbock
Frank Bonner - Father Robert Hargis
Evan Arnold - Gavin Doosler
Dennis Haysbert - Coach Duane Johnson
Lou Richards - Father Bud
Maxine Elliott - as Sister Ethel

Trivia for the TV Show Just The Ten Of Us

Three of the four teenaged daughters on Just The Ten Of Us appeared in different Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Heather Langenkamp, JoAnn Willette and Brooke Theiss were all killed by Freddy Krueger.

During the second season of Just The Ten Of Us, the four teenage daughters formed a band called The Lubbock Babes, and began performing at a local restaurant.

80's TV Show Facts:

The TV Show Just The Ten Of Us was televised from 04/26/1988 to 05/03/1990 , on the ABC network.

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