How Did People Get Adult Entertainment During the 80s?

cover of playboy 1980

Showbiz Pizza Parlor, DJ, mouthwatering tasty mocktails, and a Disco ball – those are the things that you can picture if someone asked you about adult entertainment during the ’80s. Really, what could be more grown-up and cooler than enjoying the dance floor with the tune of “Conga” while the colored lights are flashing and the fog machine is also doing its thing?

During the ’80s, nothing can beat the eagerness of a group of friends attending a dance party. They wore tube skirts, high-heeled stilettos, pearl necklaces, which are long knotted. All are looking forward and very much excited for a night full of fun. Some of them were actually in search of their true love. Nothing will be great if a hot male requests a female for a dance to the song “Heaven” sung by Bryan Adams is currently playing. What you can do is to just “sigh” for this breathtaking experience.

Getting to and going home from the fun night club has been a huge challenge for most individuals in the 80’s, not unless you have your elder sibling who’s willing to give you a lift to and from the night club. If your sibling is not available, then get ready for a real embarrassment because your parents will do the task instead.

If your parents are fed up with all your night routine, expect that your father will yell at you what will be the exact time that he will get back to fetch you up. Teen nightclubs were packed in the ’80s, and this place was the place to escape, folks do love to loosen themselves with the live music. They like to get to know some locally known DJ’s, win movie passes and albums by joining some contests, and also lose voices as they shout in order for them to communicate with one another due to the deafeningly loud beats and bass. The most played music in the night club aside from “Conga” is “Sidewalk Talk” sung by jellybean, Lisa and Lisa, “Wonder if I Take You Home”, and “A Love Bizarre” by Sheila E.

Long ago and prior to the invention on cam sites, folks do find it entertaining to watch movies, read articles on “Playboy” magazine, and Disco Dolls in 3D along with John Holmes. Since free internet was just part of a dream back in the ’80s, the only hope for folks before as adult entertainment is “bold stars.” Goddesses during that time were the main reason why men took time to line up in a crowded cinema as well as why young boys secretly held Betamax sessions for them to appreciate their beauty. Some of the stars became a serious artist, yet the “bold star” label was never taken away from their names.

Those are just some of the ways how people in the 80’s get adult entertainment, quite different from today’s generation, yet both serve its purpose, which is to give fun and entertainment. Whether in a dance club or a theater, individuals tried to make the best out of their time.