Why People Love the 80s?

Decade nostalgia commonly happens with a firm time table. All of us got a longing for the past decades, and there are times that we bring back the old style we used to have in the previous years. But in the early 2000s, nostalgia with the ’80s began kicking. Most of us fell in love with the ’80s, but the question now is, why do people love the 80’s? What’s with the ’80s that people cannot let go of even now?

In the early 2000s, the fever for the 80’s was really in complete force. Nostalgia is not fluently described. Thus, we seek comfort with the foods. There’s no sign showing that the 80’s fever will soon slow down. The time that mullets and power ballads ruled the pop culture made people so obsessed with the 80’s. Honestly, that’s never a surprise. The ’80s did rule for so long. If you are trying to find for some reason why people loved the 80’s, scroll down for we have the top-most reasons for you.

  • All was shameless goofy.

Every decade seemed ridiculous in experience, yet not as much as the ’80s. Shoulder pads, as well as pastel suits, were both popular along with man ponies, side ponies, the Jam neon shorts, also the gigantic hair. It was among why the ’80s is on top and preposterous. No one from the ’80s dared to ask if the thing is very tacky. Instead, they are looking for some other ways to make it more neon or make it bigger.

  • Self-conscious is out of the picture

People are too insane with the latest fashion in the ’80s, but that is not exactly the way it is, it ‘s just that they are not embarrassed with their style and fashion. They even put keyboard neckties and velour tracksuits, along with the Newton-John Olivia headbands. Then, they will face the mirror and proudly say that they look really nice.

  • Mixtapes

Spotify is being used by most folks nowadays, but it is just a pastel imitation of the old mixtapes. Both do compile some music collections though mix tapes use a cassette with the help of some dedication and the required skills. Mixtapes are said to be tangible and a beautiful art piece, which is quite special and personal compared to other online imitators.

  • Rubik’s cube serves as the smartphone

In the ’80s, folks are busy looking down on their hands while pretending to attend and listen to what the others are telling them. People are not using smartphones at that time; what got them busy is that they are trying to determine how they could do the task of playing the Rubik’s cube.

  • No internet at all

The Internet started to serve its purpose in the mid-’90s, but not in the late ’80s. MTV was the media obsession during the decade. Turning off is a bit easier, though.

  • Less stress

The ’80s was considered a stress-free decade. TVs have 24-hr channels wherein mostly are news TV.